My name is Nemo

Pray for Gaza

Genderfluid(agender and female)


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i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with


id rather be vain than learn to hate myself again


im so bad at shopping for stuff i’ll literally just wear shoes until they fall off my feet



all that’s happening is that beauty companies have realized that “progressive” and “empowering” advertisements garner more publicity and create more brand loyalty than the old-fashioned “you’re ugly if you don’t buy our product” advertising. it has nothing to do with ethical capitalism or social trends. the beauty industry is just trying to make money.




can somebody in portland please help me get to a hospital? my phone is dead and i can’t find my charger and i really need help right now

i will literally do anything

nobody is messaging me on here or facebook and im really scared and really dehydrated and i cant keep water down and i feel really alone right now and i cant handle this what am i supposed to do


English Cream Dachshund 

i remember this episode omg


This is my English Setter. She was about 4 months old here. 


how many of us, as children, have had creeping thoughts of “i think i have a crush on somebody of my own gender” or “i wish i were the other gender” and dismissed them so swiftly and so effectively because those ideas were unnatural and unconscionable that they never had the chance to grow into our identities? how many more of us, when finally told from childhood that queerness is a real and good option, will be queer and will love it?





Yet they claim that the queer community is overly sexual and puts our sex lives out there. Straight people are weird. 

literally what the fuck

ill throw up on a baby i don’t care

You put one of these on your kid I won’t hesitate to beat you and your babies asses

Ok this is disgusting but why Re you threatening to beat up a baby? Like thats disgusting too.

If I ask you what you love, the answers will likely roll off your tongue;
you love to read,
you love to write,
you love birds,
music, tattoos;
your mum,
your brother,
your sister,
your daughter,
your best friend,
your dog.
How long do you think you could go on and on before you said,
“I love myself.”